Living Woodland

In bushcraft one of the key components it knowing the environment your in and the resources available to you from it. Living woodland is all about just that, the life that surrounds you in the wood. Be it plant for food, trees for materials, roots for medicine, animals for hides and sinew, habitat for shelter, the list goes on.

In this course we will be looking at all of these aspects and more, we will be introducing you to tracking and stalking techniques learning how to follow tracks and sign of animals in the wild. We’ll be looking at plant tree and habitat identification, learning about the wild foods and medicines that grow around us, how to spot them as well as harvest, prepare and preserve for future use. As well, over the weekend we will be working on awareness techniques opening up our senses to the wider woodland and beginning to take in the subtitles of life and movement in the woodland, the changing of the seasons, the sound of bird call, the change in terrain etc  all of which tell a story which all tribal cultures are acutely aware helping them understand the land their living in.

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