Axe Work

A good axe is about my favorite tool and one of the most versatile to have in the woods, To learn to use it well takes time, practice and patience to master. For this reason we have decided to dedicate a separate course axe work to allow us to fully immerse in it for the weekend and gain lots of practice and instruction. 

Proper safe technique is a must when using an axe and all too often people don’t spend the time learning how to handle this tool well. In this course we will be working with a Gransfors Bruks Small forest axe which is a nice all rounder and a main stay in bushcraft use. It is big enough to take down and delimb small trees whilst still being suitable for more close up carving work. We will take a look at 'whats in an axe',some of the different varieties out there and how to choose the correct one for the job at hand. Starting with safety, as this is of paramount concern when using a tool that can do serious damage if used incorrectly, we will go through proper technique for splitting and cross cutting logs, felling and delimbing small trees, As well as this we will be doing close work such as splitting of small timber like kindling, carving and shaping small pieces like bow drill sets, spoon blanks and wooden tools as well as making some handy implements for use around camp.      

This is a 2 day course (Saturday and Sunday) we ask people to be there for 9am on Saturday morning and we aim to be finished by 5pm Sunday. Whilst geared towards bushcrafters it is suitable for anyone who whats to know how to use an axe properly. The course is open to people 18+, no prior experience or courses are necessary. Camping facilities are available from the Friday night if required for a small additional fee or you can choose to stay off site if you so desire also, with Enniscoe house have some very nice accommodation available at reasonable rates. 

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