Work With What You've Got!


Over the coming months I will be writing about many different topics here in this blog. Some will be developed into a series of posts on the same topic and others will be random musings on whatever is currently keeping me occupied that week. I am really trying to refrain from structuring and formalizing these into a progressive series of articles as this is how I would approach designing a course or how to’s; Take a subject, break it down into its elements, find a logical progression and design a fluid way to impart to students.  I’m hoping this will be a more freeform space, to have a bit of fun with it all and just share some more of the things I get up to and ideas I have.

Bushcraft Without Boundaries


So I have decided to start a blog to share some of my thoughts, musings and learnings around my exploration in bushcraft. As you probably have figured out by now if you have an interest in bushcraft, it is an exciting, never ending source of new things to learn. Bushcraft is the biggest topic in the world and often trying to define an outer limit to where things stop being bushcraft and become say survival or homesteading  or just daily life is not as easy as it might first seem and in a lot of instances boil down to just timescales and intention.